The finest hand-crafted blintzes 

Served on playa since 2016

What is Blintz Co?

Blintz Co is a community based primarily out of Sacramento, California and the surrounding areas (Davis) dedicated to making and gifting thousands of blintzes annually on and off playa.  All playa blintzes are fully hand-crafted, cooked, and fried on playa using a subset of recipes and fillings developed by Blintz Co members each year.  In 2023 over 3000 blintzes were gifted.

Getting Involved

Blintz Co is primarily interested in better fostering and building community within the Sacramento area. If you are located in Sacramento and are interested in making, creating, and gifting food on playa, please get in touch:  Blintz Co prohibits the use of gasoline generators within our camp area when on-playa, and is not currently setup to facilitate the use of RVs.

Blintz Co typically has filled most camp roles before Burning Man main sale tickets are offered (usually the end of March).  If you are interested in being part of Blintz Co on playa, please get in touch before the next event cycle -- we're most likely to have space to accommodate interested folks if you get in touch in November or December.